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"Essential for your horse´s health and performance. Niagara Equissage also helps promote healing and speeds up recovery while promoting your horse´s general well being.

Safe, non-invasive, versatile and easy to use. Niagara Equissage is designed for every horse in every discipline. The syystem is excellent for Warming Up or Cooling Down before or after exercise, as well as a wide range of conditions. 

Niagara Equissage is used worldwide by trainers, owners, vets and therapists, and is specifically effective for:

  • Performance improvment
  • Injury/problem prevention
  • Injury recovery/rehabilitation
  • Diseases/Conditions
  • Health Maintenance" 
- Niagara Equissage

boka Niagara Equissage real

För mer information eller för att boka Niagara Equissage, var vänlig kontakta Jessica Redefalk;  073-415 18 33 eller
Ellinor Lindestam; 070-223 88 30,


200:- /per gång
1500:- /Klippkort (10 gånger)

För att göra det så enkelt som möjligt för alla kan man betala med Swish hos oss på numret: 123 346 32 54